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Be present everywhere, manage evaluations and also administer them. In order to be competitive, you have to do many hours of extra work in addition to your core business. KLARA solves this for you. (Currently only in german available)



Everything about accounting with KLARA. Explained in simple terms
by a KLARA coach.
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KLARA Payroll is extremely simple and quick to learn. But there are some tricks to make your life even easier. Look here to find out what you will learn.


Online Marketing

Establishing an online presence in a short time, creating a website or even publishing news - this is possible with KLARA Online Marketing.


management system.

A KLARA coach will explain how our incredibly innovative and straightforward order management system works on the following dates. Don’t miss it!


KLARA has been optimized for trustees. Multi-tenancy and innovative
booking forms! Skeptical?
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KLARA offers you an exciting fee-based support service so that you can concentrate even more on your core business.

KLARA Onboarding

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Don't you want to record your employees or set up your accounting? No problem - we'll be happy to do it for you!


The KLARA Coach looks over your shoulder, shows you what you can do and shows you your individual processes on KLARA.