Free online CRM Software for SMEs and Small Businesses in Switzerland

Whether on your computer or on your smartphone, keep track of your customer data at all times with the KLARA CRM tool for small businesses and start-ups in Switzerland.

From your computer to
your customers' mailboxes.
«Print & Send»
give your letters to the post office to print and send.
From your computer to
your customers' mailboxes.
«Print & Send»
give your letters to the post office to print and send.

Simple online CRM: The smart
order and customer management system

KLARA CRM helps you create and maintain business relationships: customer data, contacts, notes and documents are stored centrally to cover your CRM requirements perfectly.

Your customer data
has never been clearer

Creating and maintaining customer relationships with KLARA CRM: customer data, contacts, notes and documents stored in one central place.

Import your
customer base

The intelligent import function helps you copy customers from other systems effortlessly.

Successful sales with
customer segmentation

Assign your customers to individual categories to identify sales potential and optimize your sales and marketing activities.

From quote
to invoice

Create quotes, order confirmations, delivery orders and invoices in a matter of clicks.

A digital

Send out quotes, order confirmations, delivery orders and invoices quickly and securely by email or print them out and send by post.

Not completely convinced yet?

Browse through the image gallery and discover the simple and clear structure of

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KLARA CRM program really free?

Yes, the core functions of KLARA (CRM software, Order Management and accounting software) are and remain free of charge. The basic products do not contain any usage limitations, as there is no upper limit for the number of invoices created, the number of salaries, employees, entries in the accounting or other. Our add-ons for a fee in different areas complete our offer. We expand your possibilities and make your office even easier.

Who is KLARA?

KLARA is a subsidiary of the Swiss Post. Our mission is the digitization and automation of administrative processes. Put an end to the Excel madness; KLARA simplifies your office tasks. Click here for an overview of our offers.

Where is the CRM data used in KLARA?

Thanks to the integrated approach, you can store the data once in the CRM software and access it from all other areas of KLARA. From the KLARA Cash Register to the KLARA Online Shop to the KLARA Accounting. All your customer data is managed and made available from this central location.

Can I synchronize contacts from my smartphone or Outlook with KLARA CRM?

KLARA offers the possibility of a structured import of customers via an Excel file, which is provided in the program. With the myKLARA application, you always have your contacts with you, including the most important customer information.

Which documents can be created with the order management in KLARA?

You can easily generate all documents you need for a sale in KLARA: offer, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice. You decide for each individual order which documents you want to create. You can send the documents by e-mail, PDF or with KLARA Print&Send.

How do I get support for KLARA offers ?

KLARA offers you numerous ways to get answers. We distinguish between two phases.

Set up KLARA:

Under First steps we will guide you through the setup process using short videos. Furthermore, you can find out several interesting facts in our Online trainings / webinars or browse frequently asked questions and their answers in FAQs.


Don't have the time or motivation to set everything up yourself ? Then use our Setup service. Our KLARA Coaches will be happy to help you with situational support after the setup. On the Expert portal, you can also filter for which topic you are looking for support, in which region and in which language. You can also share questions and inputs via the Community or contact us using the Contact us form.

Free KLARA CRM app

myKLARA: The Free CRM App

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Do you already know
the KLARA support offerings?

KLARA offers you an exciting fee-based support service so that you can concentrate even more on your core business.

KLARA Onboarding

You can put
your feet up.
Don't you want to record your employees or set up your accounting? No problem - we'll be happy to do it for you!


The KLARA Coach looks over your shoulder, shows you what you can do and shows you your individual processes on KLARA.