KLARA Widget features

As individual as your business

The KLARA Widget Store enables you to activate those features that are helpful for your business. You can therefore set up KLARA according to your requirements.

More success for your business

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Widget features available in the Widget Store
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Standardised under one software interface
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Unique in interplay

Because business requires only one solution

KLARA Widget features
Onboarding services

Additional offers from KLARA

Paid additional offers that can be used monthly or with an annual subscription. Each offer includes a free 1-month test phase.

Ecosystem Angebote

Thanks to more than 50 partner offers in the KLARA Ecosystem, you can set up your KLARA as individually as your business – from banking to telephony integration. All-in-one.

Support by mouse click

Whether as a one-off set-up service or professional advice on a monthly subscription, everything is possible with KLARA. If you require help, you can find the right service in the KLARA Widget Store.