KLARA Expense Management

Intelligent expense management made easy

KLARA expense management enables the simplest and most automated posting of expenses for SMEs in Switzerland.

Accounting RELAX

the clevere
expense management
Accounting RELAX

the clevere
expense management

Let KLARA manage your employees’ expenses

Thanks to artificial intelligence, KLARA automatically assigns your employees' receipts to the credit card billing and also deals with the posting. 


Automatic recognition of transactions

No time-consuming process of matching receipts to transactions. KLARA automatically recognises the right receipt. KLARA assigns differences such as tips directly to the correct booking account.

Scan in receipts when on the move

Did you pay with the card and lose the receipt? This does not happen with KLARA. With the myKLARA app, receipts can be scanned in when you are on the move. They are then available in accounting for automatic posting.

Innovative expense management for prepaid credit cards (optional)

The Value prepaid credit card* from our partner Swiss Bankers is fully integrated into KLARA Accounting. This gives you immediate worldwide access to innovative and secure expense management for credit cards, even without a credit check.
Full cost control
Do your employees use the Value prepaid card* when travelling? Real-time card queries and credit transfers between multiple cards are made easy in the KLARA Dashboard.
Flexible use of the card
With the Value prepaid card* there are no more tedious registrations and deregistrations associated with employee changes. The card can simply be assigned to another employee in the dashboard.
Quick and simple
Order several Value prepaid credit cards* yourself quickly and directly from the KLARA Dashboard without a credit check.

Do you want the maximum convenience for expense management?

Besides the simplified booking of expenses, we have integrated an additional payment solution into the expenses management as an option. The optional* value prepaid credit card from our partner Swiss Bankers has been fully integrated into the AI of our accounting. It thereby offers numerous advantages compared to a traditional credit card.   

*The card can be ordered as an option in the RELAX package.
Main card CHF 15 / month, additional card CHF 7 / month

Because business requires only one solution

Everyone talks about “all-in-one” and linking different software systems. KLARA is different. KLARA is an integrated solution for your unique business - KLARA is your digital assistant. 


With the Accounting RELAX offer, your business is almost autonomous

Cover the basic requirements of your SME optimally with the Accounting RELAX package. Besides expense management, the bank connection is also fully integrated into accounting.

Using artificial intelligence, your receipt and invoice posting works in an even simpler way. And you save a great deal of time thanks to built-in expense management and fully automated bank reconciliation.

Not completely convinced yet?

Get exciting insights into KLARA Expense Management. Browse through the image gallery and discover the simple and clear structure of KLARA Management.

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