KLARA Inventory

Your intelligent warehouse management

With KLARA Inventory, thanks to the interaction of sales solutions such as point of sale, online shop and order management, your online and offline sales are continuously synchronised with inventory and accounting. This provides you with your purchasing process, warehouse management, sales and accounting in a single system.

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Value management and saving time

Minimise your inventory management and annual stocktaking efforts with the automation that KLARA offers you.


Efficient management of goods receipt, transfer and outgoing goods.

Your sales from order management, the Online Shop and POS are synchronised with the stock.


Integrated warehouse accounting

Direct synchronisation with Accounting and the cost of goods account, and warehouse management based on the value of the goods with moving average prices, which are automatically recalculated as soon as you purchase new items and add them to the warehouse.


Further advantages for you with KLARA Inventory

30-day free trial – ready to go in just a few minutes

Find the right pricing model for you

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Monthly Annually
KLARA Inventory
CHF 29.-
CHF 26.-
/month (annual billing)
Intelligent warehouse management
Efficient management of goods receipt, transfer and outgoing goods
Integrated warehouse accounting in real time
Access to current stock and different warehouse accounts at any time
Warning message when a minimum quantity is reached
Straightforward to use
Simple recording of goods and items

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