KLARA Payroll

Free cloud-based payroll software for SMEs in Switzerland.

Quickly and easily create correct pay slips and electronically submit your wage declarations and withholding taxes to the relevant authorities and insurance companies.

Save the trip
to the post office.
Send pay
slips with
«Print & Send»
Save the trip
to the post office.
Send pay
slips with
«Print & Send»

Online payroll program: relive
your payroll accounting.

KLARA Payroll simplifies your employee administration system, from deduction of withholding tax to payment of wages and submission of wage reports.

New: Send pay slips directly from KLARA with «Print & Send»!

Wage reporting at the
touch of a button.

KLARA creates your payslips in no time. It comes with a range of pre-defined wage types to make your work even easier. You can also send the pay slips via e-mail or with Print & Send.

Wage payment
by wire transfer.

With a single click, KLARA not only creates a payslip but also a payment file for each payslip, which you can then upload to your online banking system (ISO20022 PAIN.001).

Electronic wage
reporting EWR.

KLARA electronically transmits your data to all relevant authorities and insurance funds. Never spend hours completing forms again.


If you also use KLARA Accounting, your wages are booked automatically.

Create wage
reports intuitively.

You can download both payslips and wage statements for your employees. Just fill in a few details in the intuitive interface and KLARA takes care of everything else.

Transmit withholding
tax data electronically.

KLARA assigns the correct withholding tax deduction to your employees and submits your tax accounting electronically.

Get exciting insights into salary processing.

Not completely convinced yet? Browse through the image gallery and discover the simple and clear structure of KLARA Payroll.

Frequently asked questions.

Is KLARA Payroll really free of charge?

Yes, the core functions of KLARA (KLARA Payroll, KLARA Accounting, KLARA CRM) are and remain free of charge. The core products do not contain any limitations regarding usage, because there is no upper limit for created invoices, number of payrolls, employees, bookings in accounting or similar. Our paid add-ons in various areas complete our offer. With them we expand your possibilities and make your office even easier.

Who is KLARA and what do we offer?

KLARA is a subsidiary of Swiss Post. Our products save a lot of time on administrative tasks: a cash register that does the bookkeeping independently; an accounting system that records and posts receipts independently or a payroll accounting system, connected to the bank, which takes care of the entire payroll run with a click of the mouse, including sending the wage statements. Click here for the overview of offers.

What is ELM?

ELM is the standardized salary reporting procedure of swissdec. It includes the annual reports to insurances, authorities and compensation funds as well as the monthly withholding tax report. KLARA supports these electronic wage reports, which are included in the free scope of KLARA Payroll. KLARA is a swissdec certified wage software. This ensures that all necessary wage types are available and that the calculations in KLARA are correct.

Can I correct and repeat wage runs in KLARA?

Yes, you can correct past wage periods at any time via retroactive accounting. KLARA calculates how months should have been calculated correctly according to the new parameters and transfers a possible correction of the payment to the next wage run. With this method you do not have to worry about whether a payment has already been triggered and money has been transferred to the employee. KLARA knows all amounts that have already been paid out and knows what should be paid to your employee with the next wage calculation.

When can I start with KLARA payroll accounting?

Basically you can start with the KLARA payroll accounting at any time. In order to be able to create an automatic wage statement for your employee at the end of the year, it is recommended to settle all data of a calendar year in one system. We recommend to open your payroll accounting in KLARA on January 1st of the respective calendar year. If you are in March, for example, you can map the two already settled months in KLARA.

Do you already know
the KLARA support offerings?

KLARA offers you an exciting fee-based support service so that you can concentrate even more on your core business.

KLARA Onboarding

You can put
your feet up.
Don't you want to record your employees or set up your accounting? No problem - we'll be happy to do it for you!


The KLARA Coach looks over your shoulder, shows you what you can do and shows you your individual processes on KLARA.