KLARA eArchive

eArchive: digitise your filing cabinet

Do away with your federal folders and archive your business documents digitally with eArchive. KLARA eArchive saves space, costs and time and meets all the requirements of the Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV).

Test it free of charge until
30 June, 2022
Test it free of charge until
30 June, 2022

Your legally compliant digital archive

Storage in any Cloud solution is not sufficient for the correct archiving of your business documents in accordance with the Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV).

In the case of digital archive solutions, there must be a guarantee that documents cannot be modified, and the time of storage and information about access to documents must be recorded. KLARA eArchive meets all requirements.



Audit reliability

Your business documents are stored in an audit-proof manner in accordance with the Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV).

Everything is logged

All actions in the system are logged and are therefore traceable.

Electronic signature

The origin and immutability of your documents are ensured with a time stamp.

Import documents easily

Add documents directly from your digital inbox or accounting, import documents using the scan feature in the myKLARA app, or upload documents from your local storage.

Location-independent access

You have access to your archive 24/7, irrespective of where you are.
KLARA eArchive
All documents are to hand quickly 

With the full-text search, the option for adding tags to your documents and storage of the documents in a folder system, you can find the files you require in seconds.

Test eArchive free of charge up to the end of June

From July 2022, KLARA is offering eArchive as a subscription model. If you are curious, you can try it completely free of charge until the end of June. 

Prices after the test phase 

eArchive Basic: basic monthly fee of CHF 4.90, plus 1 centime per document and month 

eArchive Plus (with extended options for individual access rights): basic monthly fee of CHF 9.90, plus 1 centime per document and month 

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