KLARA Home for Private Individuals

Employ and insure domestic workers properly

From hiring and insurance through to payroll accounting: it's never been easier to manage domestic workers in accordance with the law.

KLARA Home handles the paperwork for you

Anyone who employs staff in their household automatically becomes an employer. As a private employer, you need to be aware of your rights and duties. KLARA Home helps you to employ and manage your domestic workers in accordance with the law. From the work contract to payroll accounting and insurance – KLARA takes care of everything.


Issuing a
work contract

The work contract contains details of the hourly or monthly wage and holiday and absence regulations, among other issues. It is based on the standard employment contract, which contains different provisions in each canton.


Wage slips and salary statements

As a private employer, you are obliged to provide your domestic workers with a salary statement each year – unless they do not qualify for withholding tax.


OASI and other social
security contributions

You still need to register and insure your domestic workers with OASI and other social security providers even if they are receiving a low wage. All paid employment is liable for contributions. We prepare the OASI registration forms for you and you then send the signed documents to the relevant authority.


Log working hours on
a mobile device

Your domestic workers can conveniently log their hours and breaks on their smartphone in the myKLARA app, which means you always have an overview of their hours worked.


Log expenses on
a mobile device

Your domestic workers can take photos of their expense receipts directly in the myKLARA app. KLARA automatically creates a summary for you, which means you can keep an eye on all spending and reimburse expenses with just one click.

KLARA makes it easy to insure your domestic workers in a legal way

According to legislation, domestic workers must be insured against occupational accidents. We offer you a legally compliant insurance option.

CHF 100.-
Occupational accident insurance (mandatory)


The super easy way to record working hours and expenses on a mobile device.