The cash register system for Switzerland

Much more than just a digital POS:  you save time that would otherwise be required for daily and monthly cashing up. Thanks to artificial intelligence, KLARA automatically completes the sales statistics when you need them. Customisable and very easy to use without any IT knowledge.

The perfect on-site assistant for your business

Manage all your processes such as cashiering, item management and accounting in a central POS system - easily and efficiently.


Synchronisation with KLARA Accounting

All income from sales is posted directly to KLARA Accounting. This means that your daily till receipts evening are automatically taken care of in the evening, saving you time and money.


Clear POS statistics

Sales data, daily summaries or individually defined sales figures, such as sales per employee, can be viewed at the click of a mouse on the KLARA online dashboard, even on the go.


Other advantages for you with KLARA POS


Overview of the offer



  • Intuitive and efficient POS system
  • No daily cashing up thanks to automatic posting
  • Easy connection to card terminal
  • Clear POS statistics
  • Vouchers and promotions
  • Customer and item management 
Test your customised POS system for one month free of charge. If you are convinced, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription.
Monthly Annually
CHF 49.-
CHF 529.-
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
For 1 POS
CHF 89.-
CHF 961.-
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
For 2 POS
CHF 129.-
CHF 1393.-
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
For 3 POS
Upon request
Upon request
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
/month for software
hardware CHF 96.- /12 months
For 4+ branches

Choose how you want to pay for your hardware


One-off payment: CHF 1,150 (excluding VAT and optional products). You make a one-off payment for your KLARA POS hardware.

Payments over 12 months: CHF 96 for 12 months (excluding VAT and optional products). You can pay off the KLARA POS hardware over 12 months from the order date via monthly invoicing. With the final payment, the hardware automatically transfers to your ownership.

These additional options extend KLARA POS


Additional Samsung Galaxy S7 customer display

One-off payment of CHF 550 (excl. VAT)


Additional EPSON tablet stand

one-off payment of CHF 75 (excl. VAT)


NETUM NT-1228BL barcode scanner

one-off payment of CHF 65 (excl. VAT)

Free, customised and non-binding advice

Do you have questions about mobile KLARA POS or would you like to use POS as quickly as possible? Then request your free consultation now.

Troubleshooting service

Is your KLARA POS not working? We are at your service.
Our troubleshooting team will assist you by telephone: +41 58 666 37 50.


Installation instructions and
explanatory videos on the POS system

We are pleased to support you in setting up POS or importing items.

It's that easy!

Take ten seconds to register

Simply click on "Register" and create an account.

Enter your company data

Enter your company data within a few minutes.

Then simply get started with KLARA!

Begin digitising your processes.

What are you waiting for?

Register free of charge and get started easily. If you would like a consultation, our advisors will be happy to help you.

These products complement KLARA POS and make your day-to-day business even easier

Get started with KLARA POS now

Simply register free of charge, get the widget and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is KLARA and what do we offer?

KLARA is the Swiss business software for SME's. We are a subsidiary of Swiss Post. Our mission is the digitalization and automation of administrative processes. KLARA simplifies your business. Click here for the product overview.

If the cash transactions are automatically posted in KLARA Accounting, can these entries be subsequently corrected and adapted?

Yes, because every entry in KLARA Accounting can be corrected or adjusted manually. Through the different user roles, you can also grant access to your trustee.

Can a payment terminal be connected to the KLARA cash register?

Yes, the cash register can be connected with card terminals from different providers like TIM capable devices from SIX and SumUp. You can find a detailed list here.

Which other KLARA offers are compatible with KLARA POS?

The following offers can be connected to the KLARA cash register:

KLARA Accounting (to manage your accounting), KLARA Online Appointment Booking (so your customers can book an appointment with you 24/7), KLARA Stock Management (additional KLARA widget to manage stock items), KLARA CRM (for order and customer management).

Is there any help for setting up the KLARA cash register?

You decide! We believe in "do-it-yourself" and you can set up everything on your own, click here for installation instructions.

If you need help preparing and setting up the system, you can call our professionals for help with the setup service, which will take place on site. In addition, KLARA offers technical support via e-mail and guarantees telephone support during KLARA's opening hours in case of a malfunction.

How do I get support for KLARA offers ?

KLARA offers you numerous ways to get answers. We distinguish between two phases.

Set up KLARA:

Under First steps we will guide you through the setup process using short videos. Furthermore, you can find out several interesting facts in our Online trainings / webinars or browse frequently asked questions and their answers in FAQs.


Don't have the time or motivation to set everything up yourself ? Then use our Setup service. Our KLARA Coaches will be happy to help you with situational support after the setup. On the Expert portal, you can also filter for which topic you are looking for support, in which region and in which language. You can also share questions and inputs via the Community or contact us using the Contact us form.

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