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Don’t like what you see? Cancel the trial period at any time.

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Neues Angebots-Modell ab dem 1. Januar 2023

Per 31. Dezember 2022 stellen wir das alte kostenlose Kernangebot ein

Has it convinced you? Start your free test phase straight away.


Yes, our test phase really is free of charge

We give you the option of testing KLARA for 30 days – free of charge and with no obligation. The test phase begins as soon as you activate a widget in the Widget Store after registering. 


Test our various products

After registering, you have access to our Widget Store where you will find all our products. The products included in the test phase are marked with a green banner that reads «test free or charge for 30 days».


Use your real data so you can get started right away

As you are testing the offer in a productive environment, we recommend that you use correct data to do so.

The different KLARA products all work together. This means that if you use KLARA Accounting, for example, and then test the KLARA project with fictitious data, postings will be made with false data. And you are then ready to go if you decide to use KLARA after the test phase.  🙌


Do you have questions or is there something you don’t understand?

No problem. Our sales and support team will be pleased to help you. 

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Don’t you like what you see?

You can cancel your test subscription at any time during the 30-day test phase. All you have to do is deactivate the product in the Widget Store


The test phase is coming to an end

After the test phase has expired, you are charged for your subscription. However, we will send you a reminder after 27 days that your test phase is due to finish, so that you can cancel your test phase if you wish. To be honest, you will definitely want to stay with us 😎


What are you waiting for?

Test the KLARA Online Shop for 1 month free of charge, and if you require a consultation, we will be happy to help you.