KLARA Bank reconciliation - an Accounting RELAX feature

Rapid posting process including automated bank reconciliation

Tedious copying of payment data back and forth is a thing of the past. With integrated bank reconciliation, this is carried out in the background, securely and completely automatically 

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Bank reconciliation at the click of a mouse

KLARA collects your bank account transactions daily and completely automatically to synchronise them with your open posting items.


Accounting in real time

Open items are synchronised completely automatically or via manual transfer. With the automatic or manual bank connection from KLARA, you always have an overview.


Templates for recurring transactions

Transactions without documents such as direct debits and standing orders can be booked directly in accounting thanks to templates.


The bank connection is integrated into the Accounting RELAX package

With Accounting RELAX, your business runs itself almost autonomously, and in addition to the bank connection, expense management is fully integrated into the accounting - straightforwardly and efficiently.  

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Automatic or manual bank connection. What is the difference?


KLARA offers two options for linking KLARA Accounting with your e-banking: the automatic or manual bank connection.

Direct synchronisation between KLARA and your e-banking

  • Transferral is is no longer necessary. You post your supplier invoices and transfer these directly to e-banking.

  • Fully automatic reconciliation of account movements. Thanks to the direct interface, account movements are picked up automatically by KLARA in e-banking and are ready for reconciliation in KLARA.

  • Efficient and carefree. You save even more time with this solution, as you no longer have to concern yourself with transferring files. KLARA does it all for you.

File exchange between KLARA and e-banking


  • Transfer of payment orders. You record your payments to suppliers in KLARA Accounting. KLARA generates a payment file which you can transfer manually e-banking.

  • Importing of account movements. The same applies to payments made or incoming payments. To do this, you can download the digital account statement in e-banking and manually upload it to KLARA.

  • Efficient and free of charge. This solution enables you to work cleanly and efficiently – and it is free of charge.

Automatic bank reconciliation is possible with these banks:

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