KLARA Bank reconciliation

Bank connection: keep accounting up to date at all times

With KLARA bank reconciliation, no tedious change is required in eBanking. Transactions on your account are taken into consideration directly in accounting. The bank connection is included with the KLARA Business RELAX package.

Keep your accounting up to date at all times

Thanks to the direct bank connection, which is already included in KLARA Business RELAX, your incoming and outgoing payments are automatically synchronised with open accounting items. You therefore have a perfect overview of your accounting. If something does not fit, you can of course always post it manually.

KLARA offers you two options for linking with your eBanking: automatic or manual bank connection.

Bank reconciliation
by mouse click
The tedious switch to your eBanking is no longer necessary and KLARA does the work for you.
in real time
Open posting items are synchronised completely automatically or via manual transfer.
transaction templates
Transactions without receipts, such as direct debits and standing orders, can be booked directly in accounting using the template. 

Because business requires only one solution

With the Business RELAX offer, your business is almost autonomous; in addition to the bank connection, expense management is also fully integrated into the accounting, simply and efficiently.  

The Business RELAX offer goes one step further thanks to artificial intelligence in the automation. Posting receipts and invoices is even easier, the integrated expense management is fully automated and the bank reconciliation takes place out of sight in the background.

Automatic or manual bank connectivity – what's the difference?

KLARA offers two options for linking your KLARA Accounting with your e-banking: automatic or manual bank connectivity.

Use the slider:


Automatic: Direct synchronization between KLARA and your e-banking.

  • No more need for transfers!

You post your supplier invoices and transfer them directly to e-banking.

  • Fully automated reconciliation of account movements.

Thanks to the direct interface, KLARA gets account movements in e-banking automatically, so they are ready for reconciliation in KLARA.

  • Efficient and worry-free.

This solution saves you even more time because you no longer have to worry about transferring files. KLARA does everything for you.


Manual: File exchange between KLARA and e-banking.

  • Transfer payment orders.

You record your payments to suppliers in KLARA Accounting, then KLARA generates a payment file that you can transfer manually to e-banking.

  • Import account movements.

The same applies for payments or receipts. To do this, you can download the digital account statement in e-banking and upload it manually to KLARA.

  • Efficient and free of charge.

This solution allows you to work cleanly and efficiently – and it's free of charge!

These banks allow automatic bank reconciliation.


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«I am using the bank connectivity between KLARA and Credit Suisse – it works really smoothly. My invoices are automatically submitted for payment and reconciled with my accounting system.»

- Silvan Amberg, tax consultant at swisstaxexpert.com