KLARA Online Address Management

Free and cloud based contact maganement software.

Manage your contacts and addresses online with the simple address management software of KLARA: easy import of your existing contacts via Excel file.

What can the address management program do?

The address management is integrated in the free order management of KLARA. In addition to contact management,
this order management system includes the functions of quotation and invoicing as well as order processing.

Kostenlose Online-Adressverwaltung und Auftragsverwaltung von KLARA

All advantages at a glance.

  • Easy contact import via Excel file.
  • Create professional offers.
  • Clear order processing.
  • Create invoices with a few clicks.
  • Quick training thanks to video tutorial.

The online contact management application in a video.

See for yourself how easy our free order and address management is.

Frequently asked questions.

Is the KLARA contact and address management really free of charge?

Yes, address management is part of KLARA's completely free customer and order management system. KLARA earns money with digital additional offers, such as the cash register software, the online shop solution or the online appointment booking, which can be booked on demand.

Who is KLARA and what do we offer?

KLARA is a subsidiary of Swiss Post. Our products save a lot of time in administrative activities: a cash register that does the bookkeeping independently; an accounting system that records and posts receipts independently or a payroll accounting system, connected to the bank, which takes care of the entire payroll run with a click of the mouse, including sending the wage statements.  Click here for the overview of offers.

How does the mass import of contacts work?

  1. Download our Excel template for importing contacts.
  2. Put the data of your contacts into the intended form.
  3. Import the created Excel file into KLARA Online Address Management.

What other functions does the order management have?

In addition to address management, KLARA's order and customer management has the following functions: Integration of accounting with automated booking of the invoice status, customer segmentation, offer and invoice generation as well as KLARA Print&Send.

Which KLARA offers are compatible with the address management?

Compatible with Address Management are KLARA CRM (for order and customer management), KLARA Accounting (to do your bookkeeping for free), KLARA POS (intuitive checkout system) and KLARA Online Shop.

Setup service.
Do you want us to set up the order
and address management for you?
KLARA Coach.
The KLARA coach is
standing by to guide you.
Did you already know?

KLARA order management goes hand in hand with:

KLARA Accounting
In addition to the free invoicing program, there is the free online accounting of KLARA.
KLARA Project
Manage tasks, record time and material: Invoice your projects and book them directly.
Sell your products and have them automatically synchronized with KLARA Accounting.