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    KLARA simplifies
    your business.

    From personnel administration to marketing – KLARA simplifies your business.

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    KLARA organizes
    your home.

    From your cleaner to your babysitter – KLARA helps you pay your employees easily and lawfully.

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KLARA – From the heart of Switzerland

KLARA takes care of all relevant administrative tasks in your business or in your household. For everything from personnel administration to employee wages and the marketing of your business, KLARA acts as a central hub, automating communications with authorities, tax offices, insurance companies and banks.

KLARA saves you valuable time so that you can concentrate on the things you love.

KLARA is your digital assistant

KLARA is not a program in the traditional sense. KLARA has revolutionary artificial intelligence.

You tell KLARA what you want to do and KLARA helps you with it.
KLARA informs you of important news.
KLARA lets you know when something needs doing.

Using KLARA is free

If you take care of your paperwork online, you reduce the workload of administrative offices, insurance companies and banks. This automation leads to savings in the ecosystem, which are passed on to KLARA.



KLARA values strong partnerships