News Manager

Send news directly to the mobile phone of your customers.

With the KLARA News Manager you can inform your customers about free dates, news, upcoming events or new offers - within seconds. In the same time you win new customers.


«A great solution for those who want to inform quickly about news. One mouse click and the info appears on my clients' mobile phones.»

Esther Kiener
Owner of «Intercoiffure Kiener» in Stansstad.


«I have never been able to inform my guests so directly, easily and quickly about news or new offers.»

Sam Alge
Managing Director at «weisses Schaf» in Lucerne.

How do you inform today,

when you announce an upcoming event?

when you have free appointments

when you have a special offer?

when you offer a promotion on a specific day?

if your business hours change before a holiday? klara-bullet-purple

Now you can use the 
KLARA News Manager to ...

invite customers and even new customers from the region to your event. TICK
send direct messages about free dates, events or special offers to your customers. TICK
inform about a new product online with one mouse click.

create discount codes and publish them easily.

adjust opening hours easily and inform your customers with one click. TICK

Ideas from practice -
this is how to use the KLARA News Manager.

Hairdresser & Beauty Salons.

Replace the «available dates» sign in front of your shop with a push message: Inform your customers about free dates at the beginning of the week!


Do you have a weekly menu or are you planning an event? With the KLARA News Manager you can inform your customers on a daily basis.


Bring special offers not only on posters, but also to your customers on their smartphones. Make special discounts and look forward to new customers.

This is how fast you can create your message and send it to your customer via push message.

Start now and use the
News Manager for free.


Step 1:
Register for free and create your company.

Register now for free and enter your company in KLARA. KLARA will then automatically create a modern and professional company website for you. We call this your KLARA Online business card.


Step 2:
Win new customers from now on.

Your company is registered in KLARA and it appears as a modern online business card with picture, opening hours and further information about your company - bravo!

Here it goes: Your company is now visible in the whole region. This is how you attract the attention of potential new customers to you and your news.

Your company appears on www.klara-regional.ch - the new, innovative and growing regional site of KLARA.


Step 3:
This is how you reach your customers.

Your customers receive news, offers or free dates when they follow your company in the KLARA Regio App. It works like this:

1. download KLARA RegioApp.

2. select region.

3. search for your company.

4. subscribe and follow your company.

Well done! From now on you can easily create news and send push messages with the KLARA News Manager. With the KLARA Regio App you stay close to your customers and win new ones.

Choose the payment method.

Monthly price for KLARA News Manager:
CHF 19.– (excl. VAT)

Save 10% with the annual price for KLARA News Manager:
CHF 205.– instead of CHF 228.– (excl. VAT)

Any more questions? We'd be happy to help.

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