KLARA Accounting

Financial accounting for small businesses.

Never waste another thought on account planning: KLARA automatically records your sales and expenses in the right place – in full compliance with all relevant laws.

It’s online accounting redefined.

KLARA is based on a legal and tax-compliant accounting framework that makes all bookings at the push of a button. You don’t have to worry about the details any longer.

Financial accounting
for everyone.

From SMEs to sole traders and associations: pay and record customer and supplier invoices and any other receipts easily with KLARA.

Payments at the
touch of a button.

Bank transactions are simply imported into the program, so you can check them against your own accounts.


With the myKLARA app, you can transmit your invoices and receipt to KLARA from anywhere.

Always keep an eye
on your finances.

Display income statements, balance sheets and account details with a click of the mouse and download them.

Payroll and financial
accounting, perfectly coordinated.

Your KLARA payroll, customer invoices from your orders overview and the day-end settlement from KLARA POS are booked automatically.

Book invoices

With its intelligent system, KLARA automatically detects all relevant information, and helps you to categorize and book everything in compliance with the law.

Get exciting insights into KLARA Accounting.

Not completely convinced yet? Browse through the image gallery and discover the simple and clear structure of KLARA Accounting.

Do you already know the
KLARA support offerings?

KLARA offers you an exciting fee-based support service so that you can concentrate even more on your core business.

KLARA Onboarding

You can put
your feet up.

Don't you want to record your employees or set up your accounting? No problem - we'll be happy to do it for you!


The KLARA Coach looks over your shoulder, shows you what you can do and shows you your individual processes on KLARA.